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10. South Korea: Myeongdong, Noryangjin Seafood Market, Seoul Tower (Seoul)

9. Indonesia: Borobudur Temple

8. UK: The Making of Harry Potter Tour (Leavesden)

7. Belgium: Tomorrowland 2012

6. Singapore: ZoukOut 2013

5. France: Paris

4. Philippines: Campaigning in Manila

3. Malaysia: Malacca (2/2)

2Philippines: Carlos Celdran’s Intramuros Tour, Manila

1. Philippines: Boracay



  1. Charles Cueto

    Hi Jake! I really love your travel blog! Me and my friends were always feeling giddy when you post your latest pics! Loveyou! Goodluck on our finals naman, eh? Hihihi! Loveyou, my inspiration! Hihihi ☺️

  2. haine_enok

    Hi Uno! Every time I see new post from you I always love how creative you are. Very out-going and it seems like your always having fun. I’m also planning to visit different countries to discovery their own culture and meet different kind of people and of course taste their delicacies. i hope you read this. And also i wanna tell you that my friend Samera is really crazy for you. Isang I love you naman hahahaha. Landi ko din. looking forward to see more from you.

  3. Charlene Jumalon

    Hi Jake, I really really love reading all your blogs though sometimes I get really shy when I try to post a comment ’cause like I have a really huge crush on you. Now I finally got the courage.. Keep it up Jake, I love you 🙂

  4. Rose Dagani

    Your blog is awesome and inspiring. I will travel throughout Southeast Asia next year by myself. Was browsing your photos and it gives me ideas what the place be like. Keep doing what you love in life, God bless you more.

  5. Heeey! I really can’t find the right words to say right now.. It’s my first time to give a comment on your blog.. Waaaaah Can you reply to me? Haha Take care..

  6. Namaste! 🙂 I’m dreaming to visit and experience places around the world. Your blog drives me even more to chase them. I actually felt excitement and wonder upon viewing your posts!

  7. KitsuneDream

    Interesting blog Jake. Enjoy your travels! “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

  8. SherryAnne Villareal

    Lagi kong, inistalk ang ig mo. ngayon ko lang bnisita ang blog mo. hihi! but now isasma ko na,din ang blog mo sa araw araw kong titignan. I hope makita kita,in Person! Iloveyou Jake Godbless

  9. Marian Jamie Reyes

    i think i’m already inlove with your blog! travel more and may the best british be with you and bob’s your uncle! 🙂

  10. Allen Reyes

    It’s my first time visiting this blog and I am inspired to travel different places. I will surely visit this blog again and again. Hi Jake, hope our roads to cross someday haha 😀

  11. Angelica C. Reyes

    Hi Jake! Nice blogs.😊 Actually im a late bloomer and your blogs our my travel guide. yaayy.. by the way i went to Jomalig Island in Quezon. You should go there!

  12. Beatriz

    Hello kuya uno! I love your blogs srsly 👏❤ i really love your gap photos 😍 (lalo na yung naka all-white ka na photos mo ✨💘) ill always visit your blog page 💋 loveyouuuuu ❤

  13. Jameela Sapiandante

    Hi kuya Jake! You’ve got a nice blog. I’m wishing to receive a birthday greeting from you and kuya Sandro(MY ULTIMATE CRUSH) on June 21st hehe. I hope you would grant my only wish for my birthday! Hehe! God bless you! 😙💋💕 (@jameelarose)

  14. sophiachrschll

    Hi jakey!! I may not be your #1 fan but i will be your forever fan!! I watched you on TV and i must say you really did a great job! Hope to see u more in TV haha why not be an actor ? HAHA. Surely, you’ll be a big hit. Anddd i really love your blog😭 Rtweeting,commenting,liking,guessing your snap name and asks you bundle of questions on Ask.fm just for you to notice me😭🙏🏻 but you didn’t😔 But that’s ok!! God knows how i tried and i know you feel the love❤️ Keep slayin’ deaaar !! I hope thaat u notice me! One day🙏🏻 to the hundred thousand followers out there surely i won’t, but i won’t stop hoping. I made my own blog because you inspired me💖 Hope to see you soon!! A simple hi,hello,thanks and iloveyoutoo🙈😜😐 would really mean a lot to me🙏🏻 Thank you for existing😊 Continue being who you are, coz that makes you shine ✨ Loveyou jakey!! 🙃☺️💋 Will be with you no matter what…



  15. Rizza Ella

    Hi po kuya Jake 🙂
    Super idol po kita 🙂
    grabe super ganda po ng blog nyo 🙂 Sana po mas lalo pa po kayong maging successful 🙂
    alam nyo po ba lagi kong iniistalk yung IG nyo haha . ngyon eto naman 🙂
    and super happy ko po nung nagkaroon po tayo ng picture together 🙂 grabe mamamatay na po ako sa sobrang tuwa 🙂
    And super saya ko po kasi hindi ko lang po kayo once nakita 🙂 and super bait nyo po . thank you po kasi nagiging inspiration kita 🙂

  16. Mimi

    Hi Sir Jake , I’m also a traveller . same as you are:) I really love to explore the world .. Alam mo ba na some of your post / picture ginagamit ko mga pasahero ko na curious sa lugar na gusto nilang puntahan . Thank you for keep on posting those beautiful places both ( Domestic / International ) . I’m always hoping na sana makita na kita in person 🙂

    – Mimi

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