Country List



Morocco (4)


Brunei (2)
Hong Kong (2)
Indonesia (2)
Japan (4)
Laos (2)
Macau (3)
Malaysia (7)
Myanmar (6)
Philippines (Outside Manila) (11)
South Korea (4)
Sri Lanka (2)
Vietnam (5)


Belgium (2)
France (1)
Germany (3)
Greece (2)
Italy (1)
Lithuania (3)
The Netherlands (2)
Spain (1)
UK (Outside London) (2)




Manila, Philippines
London, UK

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  1. excluficial

    So I see you went to the Netherlands as well… Just wondering if you had some moment to pass by the Red Light District? 😉

    Btw, impressive blog! Looking forward to more of your adventures. As I read your blog, I felt like I was taken to the different sides of the world by you. More power!

    • Yes, I was. Taking photos isn’t allowed along the RLD, but I was able to steal a couple using my phone haha

      Thanks! I’m surprised my posts could come across that way!

  2. NicG.

    I’m really enjoying your blog! I am fond of travelling as well. One day, I hope I can have the courage to build my own travel blog as well. Looking forward to more of your travels.

  3. Just discovered your blog through twitter (errr.. stalking, I guess HAHA) and so far I’m loving it. :)) Well technically not only because I love going abroad but because you are really good looking. :))

  4. lizzzmis

    wow.. i just found out you have a blog and it feels like i’m getting a free virtual ticket to the places you’ve visited. im jealous. haha. cool site! great posts. please update more often 🙂

  5. Nicole R.

    With all the countries you’ve visited i see you’re missing another one of the most amazing place. I think you’d love New Zealand 🙂 you should totally come and visit, I can show you around! hit Australia too on the way 🙂

      • Nicole R.

        Yeah accommodation here can add a lot to the travel expenses, and unfortunately transportation around the island to see everything is also a pain in the arse for most tourist :/ unlike Asia or Europe.. But its still amazing! 🙂 hopefully you’ll be posting about NZ or (and is even better) Aussie soon! 😉

  6. Trish|Miko

    Hey Jake! I’ve always been a fan of your blogs (even your Xanga back then! Yay!) Which countries do you plan to visit next? Have fun traveling and stay amazing! – Trish

  7. remie

    nice travel blog…na inspired ako to have my own travel blog para sa dream ko makapunta s 81 provinces sa buong Pilipinas…anyways goodluck a future adventure m…

  8. Danica Joy Dianco

    Omyghasshh jakee !! your a traveler !! That’s my biggest dream in life !! Thanks for inspiring people like meee !! When I graduated in college I want to be like you !!! Travel the World !!! GOALS

  9. Mikaela Felice

    Hi Jake 🙂 im a fan of yours since 2013. Sayang at nung nagpunta ka sa Dagupan,Tondo to campaign for your dad.. Di kita na aabutan.. but its okay i’ll always follow you naman through twitter,ig and dito sa blog mo.. Makikita din kita in person soon. Loveyou jake. Take care always. 😘😘

  10. Jonas Amillar

    I’m so Inlove UNO 😔😔😔 I always visit your feed in IG💗 Everytime I wake up in the morning, I always do that☺️ TAKE CARE ALWAYS. Don’t care if hindi mo manotice ‘to. ☺️☺️☺️ 💗💘💖💓💜

  11. Aileen Altamirano

    I saw your pics with ur dad on instagram, you and President/Mayor Erap looks like the “before and after” genre, u both looks so handsome and cool, i hope one day we could have a chance to meet and greet you, but maybe that is just a dream, anyway seeing ur activities through IG makes my day complete, even i am at 40, may kilig pa din that’s why my daughter frences always get jealous everytime i am scrolling your IG account. Take care always.

  12. Klarissa Angeles

    Hi jake|uno 😊nice blog. nakakagood vibes ang mga photos mo.. ☺Hope to see you again in KS..(avid fan here… heheh). GODBLESS you. 😊

  13. Kizzy Dagohoy

    Hi jake ☺️ I always visiting your blog. So amazing. 😊 You always make my day complete. Your my inspiration. Keep Safe 🙂 iloveyou 😻 I hope you notice me.

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