My name is Juan Emilio.
Juan > One > Uno. Hence, “unoemilio.”
Get it?
But please do call me Jake.

I was born and raised in Manila
and I completed my studies
in London and Singapore.

I’ve got a keen interest in traveling
and documenting it, albeit amateurishly.

My pastime usually involves
the NBA (a Laker fan through rings and achings),
politics, films that make you go “woah,”
books that make you go “ahh,” and live concerts.

Most of all, I’m a dad to Ellie.

Contact: unoejercito@gmail.com

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  1. Risse

    Hi there Jake! I just want to ask if its difficult to get in at Queen Mary. My friend and I are planning to study law overseas. Thanks much! 🙂

  2. Risse

    Sorry, I accidentally put a wrong email above. I might not get the answer. lol @Hi there Jake! I just want to ask if its difficult to get in at Queen Mary. My friend and I are planning to study law overseas. Thanks much! 🙂

  3. Ayin Calderon

    Hey Jake! So far, I’m giving 4.5 out of 5 stars for your blog. I hope you update it again! Aaaaaaaand I hope you follow mine 🙂 Stay awesome!

  4. l saw you once before and thought you were a snob but after reading all your posts (from the first one to the last) made me think that i’m wrong (not all good looking guys from manila are snobs lol, sorry about that). you write really well and you def know how to capture the mind of your readers! looking forward to your next post and pictures! 🙂


  5. Ish

    Hi Uno! I heard you’re transferring your studies here in Sg. You seem like a very intellectual person (no bola ha). Hope to bump into you someday.

    P.S. Can I request a blog about your stand/principle in politics? Thanks. Anyway, keep feeding our minds. Blog all the way!

    • Hi Jake!👋 Nice Blog! So happy to see your awesome photos. Thank you because you inspired me to work hard so in the future, i could go travel in different places. Hope to see you soonest! God Bless!

  6. Czerina Cartel

    Hi! we would like to invite as a guest speaker on our seminar on Filipino youth in all aspects, like in politics. Hope we can have a positive response from you. Thank you

  7. angge_pinkgirl

    Nice blog. Interesting facts of different places. Handsome guy with brains. Awesome! I hope you are happy this holiday Jake hehe. Love ko kau ni Usversusthem.

  8. Rosey

    Hi Jake! I enjoyed seeing your pics from all over especially from Prambanan and Borobudur. It inspires me to travel to places like that where people don’t often go. I thought it was in Cambodia at first. Happy travels! Take care! 🙂

  9. Apple D.

    hi Jake! i’m tryig to contact u thru DM kasi u message me that i won a photo in printic… im trying to send u my email add hope i’d be hearing some reply to u soon! im excited to have them…

  10. sancha

    its my first time to visit you’re blog through andi’s IG. while looking in you’re photos it makes my heart melt and fall in love with you hahaha 🙂 your so gwapo and i can see the kindness in your heart. Godbless and i hope to meet you one day kahit isang picture lang with you so my life will be complete.hehe 🙂

  11. Angelica Joy

    I love reading your so called diary/blog. your photos are great. you are a good photographer and model. Keep posting IDOL 😀

  12. eva.aliciah

    Hi Jake.. I read that you’re using 650D. am actually planning to buy a dslr cam and I dont know what to buy. now, I already got an idea. haha. what lens/es do you use?

  13. Christine

    Hello. I’ve read your recent blogs and it def tickles my feet to wander more. You’ve been hailed officially as my travel inspiration 🙂 . I really want to step on different lands and know different stories behind. I’m still on my baby-steps traveling, and hopefully baby-steps will grow into bigger one. Srsly, and this has no touch of fangirling tendencies 🙂 Godbless

  14. falcondaily

    You write as if you’re talking straight out of the blog post or so I imagine. I hope to come across another one of your new blog entries for inspiration. Cheers to this site!

  15. Patty

    Hi Jake!
    You’re blogs are great! Thanks for sharing them. I hope I could have my own travelogue as well. You’re an inspiration to people like me who wants to see the world out there. Keep it up! Hope to read more of your adventures!

  16. Mary

    Hola Jake! I love reading your blog. The pictures are really great. Have you ever been to Austria? Keep posting! 😉

    God Bless you!

  17. Janne

    You have no idea how much i envy you for coming to many edm fests! Im approaching you the next time i see you with the ph flag! Lol 😀

  18. maia

    The looks, the smarts and the wanderlust. ❤ Oh Jake, hope i'll be a subject of your photographs in the future. just kidding, i know that places and scenery is more of your specialty. 🙂

  19. Dear Jake,

    How do I reach you thru e-mail? Was supposed to DM you about it but then twitter makes it impossible! Too weird to be disclosed here on your blog comment section! And no, I am not selling and giving you stuff


  20. Eljhon Vergar

    Great Blog Jake 😉👍 aca-awesome 👏👏 IDOL 👍 Hoping to see you in the near future 🙏🙏 Keep safe as always and may God continue to bless you and your family

  21. Both of these agencies develop future Korean celebrities. They are just like ABS-CBN and GMA here in our country. Home to showbiz personalities and talents. Like for example Girls’ Generation, a famous girl-group member of SM Entertainment (Agency), together with EXO and others; while in YG we have 2ne1 ( Sandara Park is a member!), Bigbang, Psy ( Gangnam Style guy! HAHA) and others! Oh please please… I hope I answered your question (I think it did :3 ) and maybe some other time, you’d love to visit any of those agencies and document it 🙂 that’d be a dream come true mainly because you are able to go there! Oh and, keep up!

  22. Mitzi

    I would really love to meet you someday.Take a pic and maybe hug you. If I’m still in my consciousness, baka nahimatay nko. First glance plang. Hays

  23. maan pornobe

    hi jake im a big fan of yours, i hope one day i will see you. 🙂 you and andi look good together.. sana kayo nalang 🙂

  24. crisse

    Been reading your posts and it makes me want to travel too, plus you write as if it is sooo much fun despite the unexpected bumps here and there,, for me you are the definition of young, wild and free (so envious), (assumption based on your posts only) ,..
    just keep blogging, I’m a fan now 🙂

  25. Addled Conductor

    Your mesmerizing video post with Isaiah in Instagram led me to this site. I was a skeptic at first, thinking that maybe this person generates a lot of traffic due to his father’s influence, I was wrong and I want to apologize for that thought. I read all your post and found it interestingly an easy read, due to your great language command, humorous, witty and from time-to-time insightful. Continue doing what your doing and God bless! *will continue reading your entries here from now on!* 😀

  26. Hi there Jakey! Been stalking you since idk forever.. (don’t creep out) haha. I just love your name, blog and every single thing about you. Been trying to see you. And btw last October 1 2014 – Hardwell, i saw you finally in person but i was crying that time because my mom’s at the vip section that time and i’m at the lower box section. I was shouting for your name and “bring me there, itakas mo na ko, si jake si jake” 😦 i didn’t get a chance to meet you and have a pic with you. So i hope to see you very soon! and my birthday’s coming up, i want to meet you or just have a pic with you 😦 (pretty please) Best birthday gift ever swear!!!! I LOVE YOU JAKEY, take care always!

  27. R

    Just by seeing you happy, makes me happy too. Thanks for inspiring me, Jake. 🙂 I love your blog, btw. Hope I can meet you soon! 🙂

    Love you always,


  28. Twinkle Cruz

    Hiiii love! Been stalking you (sorry! Haha!) And I’ve finally found your blog site. Yiipe! So yeah, thanks for inspiring me. Keep it up. Love you and hoping to meet you soon. Merry Christmas! x 💕

  29. hi uno. why are you so gwapo??? i am always stalking you, especially your twitter and instagram. hehehe crush na crush talaga kita eh! i want to see you personally and hug you tight (how i wish) 😦

  30. Siej

    Hi Jake! Im a big fan of yours.
    Keeping track of your IG and twitter posts is already like my daily routine.
    Hahaha. (stalker lng?)
    Anyways, I’ve been to your resto kaso wala ka.. Imagine travelled from UST to San Juan juat for you? So sad! But the food is great though. Especially the oyster sisig. I hope next time na pagpunta ko dun we will meet na.. Love love. Advance Happy New Year! 🎉🎉🎉

  31. via

    Hi po 🙂 Ngaun Totally Fan nyo na ako! I read all your Post kaninan pang 9pm and 1:22am na ngaun. Kaya hindi ako masasawa mag basa ng Blog nyo, ngaun hindi lang IG at twitter my Blog pa ang lagi ko ivivisit. Crush talaga kita. God lBless 🙂

  32. Mhean

    Hi Jake 🙂 I am not a blogger. Its my first time to check your blogs and twas amazing 🙂 Your so handsome nga like my best of friends always say. They are always stalking on you Hehe. Anyway,nice to meet you through your blog. You seem nice 🙂 God bless you more jake.

  33. Maja😊

    You’re one of the handsome boys I’ve ever known 😍😍!!! And I am a big fan of yours! Godbless you Mr. Jake 😊! #unoemiliopose

  34. Izzy

    Hi Jake! Been stalking you for months. Why so gwapo? OMG. I am definitely a fan. I want to see you personally and would love to have a picture with you hihi Godbless. By the way, your blog is so inspiring!

  35. Hi jake, I love your blogs. And I find ypur IG account so interesting. Im your follower in any sites. I just wish somehow I can see you in person. Ive been dreaming of having a life like yours.

  36. khang

    Hi Juan 🙂 nakaka inspired ka naman bilang anak at kapatid. I saw on your social media accounts how close you to them. Especially to your nephew . Keep it up Juan 😉 God bless

  37. Cheska Bacus

    Nice blog! Why so gwapo? Hehehe 🙂 Hope to see you in person someday. Love youu! ♥ God Bless you and your whole family! 🙂

  38. Arianne

    Hi kuya Jake! I love your blog! I’ve been dreaming to travel around the world (with you? haha kidding!) You’re my travelling inspiration. Hope to see you someday and eat pizza together. Love you po! 🙂

  39. Mark

    Omg. Thanks for the wonderful blog. I want to travel someday and you inspired me a lot. Thanks for sharing your passion. God bless and have a more safe travels to come. Thumbs up. More power.☺☺

  40. khang

    Hi idol! Naks gwapo… tuwa yan!! ☺. Love your blogs. May hugot. May laman. May power. May handsome overload. Oh smile pa☺ hehe keep traveling. go go lang. Sa sunud masasamahan na kita pag di ako busy haha. 😉😉

  41. josella

    Ugh! Whoa! I really love your blog jake! 😊 Inspiring. 😍 Gwapo! Ugh. Whoa 😊 Sana makapag picture ako sayo Wish ko sa birthday ko hahaha echosera! next month na birthday ko April 15. Ughhh how i wish. Maka email lang sayu ok na 😍😍😍😜 LORD!!! Grant my wish🙏😊😉 Takecare Jake Xxxx

  42. Hi jakeeey!! Why so gwapo? 😍😍 been stalking you since.. hmm ay ewan basta. Hope to see you soon. Huhuhu 😭😭 keep posting! Loveyou jake! 😘😘💙💛

  43. Cheska Bacus

    Hi Jake!! Thank you for being so approachable last time we went to Cops and Robbers 😁 Hope you could experience Kadayawan Festival in Davao 😁 God Bless you always and see you soon! ✌

  44. Ella

    New reader here! Now I know why girls go gaga over you. You are something we should look forward to in the future not because of your last name but because of your humor and intelligence. 🙂 Such inspiring blog you have here, and I hope you’ll finish your degrees in London and SG. Keep it up, Uno!

  45. chasingodyssey

    I didn’t know you own a blog!!! I luckily found it on my reader while looking for content to read. Loved the blog immediately!!! Studying and living abroad myself, I can just relate. There’s sooo many places you’ve been to, I hope you include Taiwan 🙂

  46. Camillah

    Hello Jake!! I didn’t know you were a great person! You’ve got the looks and talents and attitude and uhh everything! Keep on inspiring other people! God bless!

  47. Lovelyn

    Hi Emi, at first I am wondering who’s this freakin’ Ejercito my friends talkin’ about. I accidentally browse some social site and i saw your pictures. Holla Golly wow! That’s all I can say. I’m not a fan of anybody but then I guess this little Lovelyn will going to be a fangirl. Haha. Hoping to bump you sometime 🙂

  48. Maria Theresa Matutud

    Hello Jake! I love reading your blog entries, it gets me inspired. Now I have established a goal like yours, to excel in studies and at the same time explore the world. Have a good day. Best regards!

  49. Em

    Hi Jake, what a great name! My husband told me his name was Jake when we met at the club…and I foolishly believed him, lol. Anyway, you did a great job on KS. Your dubsmash was on point! If you ever travel to San Francisco, I would love to meet you. Hope you visit the Lola’s again sometime. Take care!

  50. Im a new fan and im loving ur blog! No doubt that ur a smart guy… reading ur blog feels like im exploring the place uve been,im drooling with the nice pictures! 🙂 im done following u on ig and twitter…haha, thought that ur a snob till ur apperance in ks.. anyway, goodluck to ur endeavor and god bless!

  51. I couldn’t believe myself leaving a comment to your blog, but one way or the other I just wanna say you were so game and charming last January 9, 2016 at the Kalyeserye episode of GMA7 🙂 Indeed like there was an angel sent when you showed up 🙂 *blushing* anyway, good luck to all your hearts endeavor! 🙂 you deserve it 😉 hope to meet you in person Jake 😉 God bless!

  52. Jemai

    This blog is amazing! I’m actually looking for some blogs that is worth reading. Lol. But yeah, I mean it.
    Cheers for the success! Have you been into Paris?

  53. Coreen

    Hi Uno! you seem like a nice guy! I hope to see you one day here in Singapore and share photoshoots and traveling experience. Have you been to Bagan Myanmar and Siem Reap Cambodia already?

  54. Bekz

    Hi jake! I came to know you through kalye serye last saturday episode and i really enjoyed watching u there. I think i started to like you na nga eh😁.. Btw, i am from Dubai, hope to see you here or hope to see you when i get back to phils.😊 Godbless and more power

  55. Amylen Nicolas

    Hi Kuya Uno!! Parang gusto ko na rin ituloy yung blog ko dahil dito! Btw, i really love your photos and playlists!! Ingat po sa mga susunod niyong biyahe! 🙂

  56. rm

    You and your blog, goals! How I wish I get to travel like you! Nonetheless, looking forward to more blog post! You have to visit Ireland for me ☺️☺️ Cheers!

  57. Trish

    Hi Jake! You’re so gwapo! I love browsing your instagram and I was wondering if you can share to me/us some apps you use in taking your videos. Hope you can share! And again, you’re so gwapo ❤

  58. Hi Jake 🙂 Hoping to see you when the campaign for your dad start 🙂 Don’t worry my family supports your dad always. Hehe And im hoping we can invite you for our fiesta 🙂 Loveyou 😘

  59. Jonnabel

    Hi unoemilio ng buhay ko 💖 I love reading your blogs and following you in twitter and instagram. All in all, you inspired me a lot. Kahit di mo nanonotice mga tweets ko sayo, okay lang. The most important is you are inspiring me a LOT. 💕Thank you Jake! 💖😘

  60. SHIELA

    Hi jake I saw u at Marche Suntec today..I’m one of d staff there..hope to see u again and have a picture with u..

  61. Hi kuya Jake! Fan fan mo ko, as in nahahangahan ako saiyo, unang kita ko palang saiyo sa Eat Bulga! Kuya jake can you do me a favor? Please, Tomorrow is my Birthday and I hope nakahit fansign o video greeting lang para saakin. Yan na siguro ang Greatest gift na nareceive ko. Please po I Love you so much mwuaah! God Bless you Always po and Take Care

  62. Ehm Delos Santos

    I’ve never had a crush on any local celebrity. Then you came along. XD
    I’m looking forward to meeting you someday. If you ever get a chance, please drop by at our event this coming April 16-17. The event’s name is Tagcom at SM Mega Mall Mega Trade Hall 3. It’s a toys, hobbies, collectibles and cosplay event. My birthday happens to be on the same date, hoping I could get a picture with you as a gift.

  63. erica mae

    Hi Uno! It’s my first
    time to check your blog and this is so amazing.. Hope to see you soon. Keep it Up uno. Godbless you.

  64. Jesy Louise

    Hi Jake! The first (and hopefully not the last) time I met you was during God Gave Me You Taping. I was so sad na hindi ako nakapagpicture sayo coz I was really following the rule na bawal magpapicture lalo na daw sayo 😦 After that, I can’t stop thinking about you (HAHAHAHA) and decided to go here and read your blogs. Everything is just so perfect. Reading your blogs felt like I was there with you at that certain place. Keep these blogs coming, coz I know that you inspire alot of people. You inspired me to be my most adventurous self that I can be. Hoping to see you again soon, Jake! At sana the next time na magkita tayo, makapagpapicture na ako. (Kasi di talaga ako maka move on dun eh 😦 God bless and More power. Stay awesome, cool guy ❤️

  65. Zoila alviar

    Hi kuya love na love ka namin ng pamangkin ko sana susunod Ang mga project mo. Hihihi LAGI ka namin papanoorin♥♥

  66. Zoila alviar

    Hi kuya Jake Nag gawa kami ng like page mo and group page mo. Hihihi sana mapansin mo kami. Love you kuya Forever♥♥

  67. Rae Leian Sun Consing

    Your blog surely made me want to travel more and explore more even outside the country in the future! Hopefully I could hang with you in your upcoming adventures. Or maybe join me as I try to unravel interesting places in Guimaras, Bohol, Bacolod and even my home province, Negros, this summer. Btw, thanks for bringing me to those places. They were rad. Hope to hear from you soon!

  68. angelo

    nice one kuya jake ang daming humahanga sayo sobrang fan moko kuya lalo na nung napunta ka sa kalyeserye more power 🙂

  69. KrisxMae

    Kuya Jake, you’re blogs are absolutely amazing. Grabe! And hoping to meet you one day and have a little chat with you (sana) I’ve been dying to see you personally and araw araw akong bumibisita sa IG account mo. ‘Di nakakasawang tignan mga posts mo. I’m a huge fan of yours, kuya. God bless!

  70. Christine Abogado

    Hi Jake! Great blog! Keep it up. 👍🏼 I hope you could visit Legazpi, Bicol. Keep inspiring people through this blog. Looking forward to see and meet you. God bless! 🙂

  71. Kizzy Dagohoy

    Hi jake 😊 I’m your super fan. I always check your blog,ig, and twitter. I hope you notice me. ☺️ Iloveyou 😻 Keep safe always.

  72. Hi Jake ☺️ I’m a big fan of yours. I always check your blog, instagram,twitter and facebook. Your such an amazing guy. You always make my day complete. I hope to see you soon. Let’s take a picture together. ☺️ I gonna buy cookies from marinduque for you. Iloveyou 💕💕💕 please notice me😔☺️😁Keep safe always.

  73. JACKIE

    Hello jake , ako po yung kahapon nung nagcacampaign po kayo na nagpapicture SA inyo tapos sabi mo po ang dami na natin
    picture kung gusto ko po ikiss na lang kita . I’m a big fan mo po kaya Hindi ko na po napigilan ISA po ung makita ,makapagpicture at mayakap ka po SA mga wish Ko pong mangyari lang dati . I’m very happy po talaga ingat po kayo lagi

  74. Jian Becina

    Jake, sana makita kita in person sobrang crush talaga kita!!! 😍😍 I always visit your social media accounts, mostly in IG and palagi mo kong napapa-smile even badtrip ako. Sana makapag pa-picture ako with you soon! 💕💕

  75. JJ

    WOOOOOOOH LET’S GO LAKERS! Comeback on 2017 or 2018! I can feel it! Haha! First time to read your blog. Its nice!

  76. Megrianne Dizon

    Hi Jake! I know you’re busy and maybe hindi mo po mapansin to pero mag popost padin ako. Crush na crush kase talaga kita since napanood kita sa kalyeserye and since then I’m always checking on your social media accounts para lang updated ako sayo. Sorry na Fan girl here. ☺ I love you! Take care always! Good luck and God Bless 😘

  77. Hi Jake! 😋 Nagsstay ka ba dito sa bahay niyo sa sampaloc? Kapitbahay tayo e hahaha. Minsan pag bored ka na, chat mo ko hahaha. Kain tayo ng balut sa street niyo manga-samar corner visayan ave hahaha! Meron dun nagtitinda! Tara naaa, secret lang, di ko pagsabi promise 😊😊😊

  78. Hi Jake! You really have a cool and awesome blog and feed (on ig hehe). Hope too see you soonest! More opportunities to come! I’m one of your big fans! Love you always😊😘 Take Care!

  79. Joey

    Hi Jake,
    I get interested reading your blogs. I am an IT grad from Makati. Hope to meet you soon. I wanted to work with you in the future. To build a fans club maybe. Ciao

  80. Nea

    Hello Jake , great photos and message . You looked like an art lover also , that made you more than just a person . I can see you have a kind heart , keep doing great things ! I’m actually a fan sana marami ka pang mainspire , someday i hope to meet you .

  81. Marisse

    Hi Jake! Don’t know where to pm you. Any nice places to recomeent in Singapore and Thailand? Me and my friends love to eat btw. Thanks much! 😊

  82. Mara Pamaong

    Hello Jake! Food trip naman tayo sa Cops and Robbers ohh.. Hahaha.. Makapag selfie lang ako sayo buo na taon ko… Hahah😍😉 Good Bless You Jake!

  83. Maria Elizabeth

    Hi Jake, Great Blog! Visit Siargao Island too in the future. Also, hope to find new blog entry with your daughter….

  84. Arde De Gala

    Hi po! I’m one of fans po.. Naging fans nyo po ako nung nakita ko kayo sa kalyeserye ang gwapo nyo po kasi tapos ayun inalam ko na about sa inyo po.. Hehehe tapos parang ang bait bait nyo po gawa sa mga pictures na pinopost nyo po, tapos down to earth pa po kayo.. Sana magkaraoon po ako ng chance na makita at makapagpapicture po sa inyo.. Thanks po! 🙂

  85. Anya

    I really admire you being a father to your lovely daughter. Im hoping to meet you soon bc you’re so gwapo and hot af!! i love you 😭💗

  86. Glendale Ejercito

    Hi Jake me again way back 2012 comment hahahahahaa upon checking to your blog you’ve never been to Thailand one of my fave country. and I’m hoping that you make a Blog on that country before we go there to have more ideas and tips. Salamat and love yah Mahal! ♥

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