Philippines: Club Paradise Resort (Coron, Palawan)


Deserving of its name, Club Paradise Resort certainly lived up to our expectations. The experience starts with being greeted by the resort’s staff at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport (formerly Busuanga Airport) and being transported in a van to a private boat that would take you to Dimakya Island. The scenery on the way to the resort is impressively dotted with several islands and limestone cliffs.


As soon as you set foot on the island, you get the vibe that you’re in a postcard-worthy place far removed from the pressures of reality. There’s more than enough space that its possible for you and your mates to feel that you have the island all to yourselves.

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The island is secluded, but finding out about the numerous amenities and wide-ranging activities Club Paradise offers, we quickly realised that we could spend all our 3 days without leaving the resort and we would still be left wanting to go back. From diving to explore several of their healthy house reefs to climbing their hiking trail for stellar views, they’ve surely got you covered.



The resort’s lagoon is where guests usually spot a water monitor lizard roaming about. My friends saw it when I was probably in too much of a hurry for lunch.

The Hidden Beach
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The Pool Areacrn1-54


The resort is also home to countless of fruit bats who have become an attraction on their own. During the day, you can see them hanging down from tree branches by the pool area. But at dusk, they all wake up and fly away in groups to another island in search for food- quite a unique experience!


Just a few steps away from your room, the Sunset Beach is where you could find other guests either kayaking, playing beach volleyball, or simply relaxing with happy hour drinks in hand. The spotless white sand and clear turquoise waters are just as inviting as the landscapes across the sea- a breathtaking foreground for every sunset.

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Club Paradise Palawan
Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan, Philippines
+63 917 827 9852




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