Sri Lanka: Kandy




The Garden Café


Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue
In the day or at night, it is impossible to miss out on this imposing statue of Buddha which looms over Kandy. From afar, it adds to the picturesque scenery of the city, but there’s not much to it up close, all the more as it has no historical significance. Unless you’ve lots of time to spare, the 80-foot statue is best viewed from a distance.



Devon Restaurant

Kandy Market Hall
Kandy’s local market is a great place to interact with locals and buy spices at incredibly cheap prices. The smell of dried fish can be a bit overwhelming, but the market definitely offers an exciting and pulsating experience. The vendors are also a lot less aggressive as compared to those in other countries I’ve visited- some are even genial enough to pose for photos.



Helga’s Folly
Perched on a Kandyan hilltop, Helga’s Folly is an eccentric and unusual experience in the most appealing way possible. The story, the art, the artifacts, the vibe (and not to mention the Sinatra vinyl playing in the background) have all given the hotel a permanent spot on everyone’s Kandy itinerary. And by “everyone,” that includes Gregory Peck, Sir Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mahatma Ghandi to name a few.

We only went to have a look around and a few drinks, yet we unknowingly spent an hour just admiring the visually stimulating labyrinth of a place.



Kandyan Muslim Hotel Restaurant

Kandy Lake
This man-made lake from the 1800’s serves as a pleasing circuit breaker when you need to take time off from the hustle and bustle of Kandy. On any late afternoon, it draws a lot of couples and families who stroll around its perimeter or just have a bench to their own and kick things back.

During our first sunset, I luckily chanced upon a local named Rasith who, much to my fancy, suddenly gave a quick history lesson on the former Kingdom of Kandy and why the city is still highly regarded by locals. With such a fascinating view of lake while the Maghrib prayer was being broadcasted through speakers across the city, it wasn’t hard to imagine why.



  1. KRIZZIEsince2014

    Wag mong kalibutin ang mundo bae baka wala na tayong mapuntahan hahaha feeling! Please lang magingat ka palagi 😘😚 love ya bae! Godbless you and your family 😊

  2. May Ann

    😍😍 i wish could go i Sri Lanka. I miss Kandy the place i grew up. I remember going to kandy market, dalada maligawa, the kandy lake. And my most fav street food is KOTTU ❤

  3. zash15

    here in uae madaming bawal kuhanan ng pictures,,like government buildings, taking pics of people without their permission..u should know that if u want to travel in uae 😉 just saying.. 😀 hahahahha charrrr :* take care 😉

  4. O.myrah

    So envious of you..but it makes me so happy that you went to Sri Lanka! I hope you went to other places around Sri Lanka! And if you did, i can’t wait for your upcoming blog posts! Ps. I hope you liked kottu! 😆

  5. marrizreyes

    Hi Jake! Im a big fan of yours! I appreciate you for what you’re doing with your life and thank you for sharing that with us! Please keep inspiring us! 😊 I never missess a day stalking your IG account!
    Hope to see you soon and have picture with you syempre! Haha
    Godbless Jake! Iloveyou! 😍

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