Malaysia: Cameron Highlands


Located northeast of Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands is the highest point in Malaysia that is accessible by road. Its average yearly temperature of 18°C makes it a pleasing getaway not only for Malaysians, but as well for Singaporeans.

There are two ways of looking at Cameron Highlands. One is being in absolute awe of its mountainous views, tea plantations, strawberry fields, and cloud-touching peaks that surround you from all angles. Another is if you see it as a damp and out of season ski resort that has been taken for granted. I normally travel to explore and go on adventures, but this trip was more about taking a breather from the daily grind in Singapore. So although the place left more of the latter impression on me personally, I’d still say Cameron wasn’t a let down and I got what I had set out there for.






Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia




  1. Em

    Mind to share the “second point of view?” 🙂 I’ve been eyeing to visit this place but I’m not that convinced yet. One of the factors is the long travel time from SG.

  2. Racheal

    if u love cameron highlands im sure you’re going to love Kundasang Sabah, its located at East Malaysia, Its the New Zealand of Malaysia :)

  3. Sheen Ray

    Hi Jake, I’m a 2nd yr med student. For 2 years before I entered med school, I traveled around the Philippines. I promised myself that nothing would stop me from doing what I love (travelling)… not even med school. I’ve been saving some money for my first ever out of the country trip together with my long-lost best friend who lives in New York now. We’re planning to do it after my board exams, which is 3 years from now. Any country you would recommend? Right now, were considering Japan or Thailand. Somewhere that is scenic, culturally unique and gastronomically satisfying.

  4. marrizreyes

    Hi Jake! Im a big fan of yours! I appreciate you for what you’re doing with your life and thank you for sharing that with us! Please keep inspiring us! 😊 I never missess a day stalking your IG account!
    Hope to see you soon and have picture with you syempre! Haha
    Godbless Jake! Iloveyou! 😍

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