Philippines: National Museum, Manila



Taft Avenue, Ermita
Manila, Philippines

Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM




  1. sophiachrschll

    Blog goals 💖💋Hi jakey!! I may not be your #1 fan but i will be your forever fan!! I watched you on TV and i must say you really did a great job! Hope to see u more in TV haha why not be an actor ? HAHA. Surely, you’ll be a big hit. Anddd i really love your blog😭 Rtweeting,commenting,liking,guessing your snap name and asks you bundle of questions on just for you to notice me😭🙏🏻 but you didn’t😔 But that’s ok!! God knows how i tried and i know you feel the love❤️ Keep slayin’ deaaar !! I hope thaat u notice me! One day🙏🏻 to the hundred thousand followers out there surely i won’t, but i won’t stop hoping. I made my own blog because you inspired me💖 Hope to see you soon!! A simple hi,hello,thanks and iloveyoutoo🙈😜😐 would really mean a lot to me🙏🏻 Thank you for existing😊 Continue being who you are, coz that makes you shine ✨ Loveyou jakey!! 🙃☺️💋 Will be with you no matter what…3rd twimeee and 1st comment😃🙂



  2. Angelie Magdasoc

    Been there many times but these pictures would really excite me to visit again and again. Truly your shots do not need any caption ❤ u inspire me

  3. Oh, Just came to say your last picture is so Dope and the way you capture things was so artistic. Also, I find it cool that you have a blog since I’m just starting mine. Been reading your posts and and it really makes me “woah”.

  4. Nice shots! ❤️ You’re the kind of man na sobrang artistic pero natural padin tignan ung galaw. Ang layo sa blogpost pero i admire you everytime you’re with #thebelle 🙂 Hope to meet you one day! 😘 God bless….

  5. You’re the hottest ive ever known. I’m pretty sure na hindi mo ko mapapansin. 99% hahaha! But i still still still have a crush on yah. 😍😘

  6. hi jake!! nice blog and nice pictures 💖 thanks for being my inspiration, i hope one day you’ll notice me, you notice me once at i hope you’ll like my tweets for you. hope to see you soon and a simple hello from you my whole life will be memorable. i love you so much jake!! more blessings to come and you’re being a good dad 💖💖

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