01/16 Playlist

Kamikaze by MØ

House Every Weekend by David Zowie

Somewhere in Paradise by Chance The Rapper (ft. Jeremih & R. Kelly)

Walk Away by LANY

07:41 by Still Parade

Wonka Bar by Charley Marley

Takes My Body Higher by Shoffy (ft. Licoln Jesser)

Under the Sun by Diiv

Friends by Raury (ft. Tom Morello)

Shots by Imagine Dragons (Broiler Remix)




  1. Superb taste in music! Thanks for updating every month, You always add up amazing tracks in my Playlist! I just listened to β€œWalk Away.” seriously give me the chills! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  2. meiru

    Great page..just confirmed that you are one deep person…your reflections through your playlists really tell a lot..loving your choice of music… great job!

  3. Jamie Denise

    Sweet to know that your taste in music kinda matches mine! Thank you for sharing this chill playlist! It got me through the day since I’m sick.

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