Lithuania: Trakai Castle, Mead Degustation & Skydiving


Trakai Island Castle
Built in the late 14th century, the gothic Trakai Castle is the largest in Lithuania. It’s actually composed of two castles; one is situated on an island and the other on the peninsula. The incredible contrast between the castle bricks’ bright orange hues and the deep blue tones of the lake makes you think that you are looking at a page of a fairytale book. Not to mention the surrounding forest which is also inviting to wander in.

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Lithuanian Mead degustation in Stakliškės
Mead is known to be the world’s oldest alcoholic drink with its origins coming from the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. It is made by fermenting honey with water and occasionally with different fruits, spices, or grains.

We popped by this mead factory in Stakliškės which produces variations of the drink that has been given the status of Culinary Heritage in Lithuania. Apart from joining the tour which took us through the interesting history of mead and its production, we also opted for the degustation wherein we sampled the various kinds of products they offer. We started with the most natural one and progressed towards the most spirited (75% in alcohol content), which was captured in the video below. We unexpectedly did get a little tipsy, but it turned out to be a brilliant idea considering what we were about to do at our next stop.


DG-8 DG-6

Skydiving in Pociūnai
I was a first timer and I honestly still don’t know which was more terrifying: skydiving at 10,000 feet or hopping on an old ass Russian plane. All I know is I’d wanna do it again. That’s one off my bucket list thanks to liquid courage
SD-7 SD-8SD-9SD-10SD-11SD-12 SD-13





  1. It sure looks like you really had a good time! The castle has the Game of Thrones aka Winterfell feels. When taking this trip, is it advisable that you join a tour rather than go by yourself? Thanks for this blog post, uno! Makes me want to go to Lithuania!

    • We were lucky to have a good friend who’s from there and who arranged everything for us! But these three stops are quite far from each other so I think it’d still be better to join a tour 🙂

  2. Vaneza Ibasco

    Wow. I’ve waiting for this update about your skydiving adventure. You’re one brave cutie,Jake. Btw what another countries are on you list right now? have you visit New Zealand? Cheers to you future adventures love 🙂

  3. Radgj

    Love the pics and your vid
    Even jumping off the plane and flying sky above you still look cute hahahaha….. One of my bucketlist hope to do it soon ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures and the jump! I did that last year. I remember wanting to do it over and over again, like a small kid on a slide. The excitement was overwhelming it was super fun! 😊👍

  5. Rhicy Samson

    Woooah! Isasama ko ito sa listahan ng lugar na pupuntahan ko ‘someday’. Naipakita mo po dito kong gaano kaganda ang place. Seriously Mr. Uno.

  6. Kit

    Woah! This is awesome! Definitely in my bucket list. Actually I’m planning to do this at the end of the year. Nice one bro.

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