Vietnam: Duy Hai Fishing Village


During my stay in Hoi An, I took a little side trip to Duy Hai Fishing Village which was only a 10-minute boat ride across the river. Untouched by tourism, the main livelihood of the villagers is fishing. I got there at 6 AM, just in time to document the buzz as the boats came to unload the day’s catches. When the fishermen in basket boats came ashore, a slight ruckus ensued as the women swarmed the boats to “fight over” the produce which they later sold in the market. The smaller fish, on the other hand, ended up being sold to the local fish sauce company where they are stored in large wooden tubs with water and salt to start a 6 months to 1 year process of fermentation.

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FV-10 FV-11 FV-14 FV-15 FV-16 FV-17 FV-18 FV-20 FV-21 FV-22 FV-23 FV-24 FV-26 FV-27 FV-28 FV-29 FV-31 FV-32 FV-33 FV-34 FV-35 FV-36

FV-40 FV-41 FV-42 FV-43 FV-46 FV-47 FV-48 FV-49FV-50FV-51FV-53FV-52FV-54FV-55



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