Laos: Luang Prabang (1/2)


Mount Phousi
Mount Phousi is a hill right smack in the centre of Luang Prabang’s old town. A religious site to locals, the hill is known for having the baddest views overlooking the offbeat city. Taking the deceptively long 328-step climb to the top only sets you back 20,000 LAK, so it’s pretty worth it if you’re a sucker for sunrises or sunsets. Just make sure to head up at least an hour before the feat so as to get a good and comfortable spot and get a kick out of the peace and quiet before the tour groups ruin everything.



Night Market
Unlike the typical Asian night markets where vendors drive you up the wall into buying their goods, Luang Prabang’s is just as laid back as the city. You’ll find that most of the stalls sell similar products and prices are quite jacked up for street market value due to the small amount of tourists who visit Laos compared to its neighboring countries. So if you’ve been to the likes of those in Bangkok and Hong Kong, you’ll probably find this one a bit long and boring and buying stuff here is more of a donation than anything else. The food didn’t disappoint though!




  1. Marionette Diaz

    Diba Laos is the place where you traveled alone and met new friends? How was it? Planning on traveling alone kasi. Thanks for this, uno! 🙂

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