04/15 Playlist


King Kunta by Kendirck Lamar


Runaway (Remix) by Pell (ft. White Sea)

Hello by Giraffage

Summer Breeze by Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James

Always by Panama (Classixx Remix)

Tops by Licoln Jesser

Pay No Mind by Madeon (ft. Passion Pit)

Peaches N Cream by Snoop Dogg (ft. Charlie Wilson)

All Day by Kanye West



  1. Marionette Diaz

    I always look forward to your playlist every month, uno! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 By the way, will you be going to this year’s Forever Summer?

  2. Jamii Granada

    Always looking forward with your update! I actually made a playlist on spotify with a compilation of the songs you post here. Listening to it, all day ‘errday! 👌

  3. seawall dweller

    the playlist …the repertoire is just singularly impressive; i bet my grade 9 students wud have an open-jawed epiphany the moment i wud play this. a far cry from my usual songs! thanks bigtime, mr estrada

  4. Cza

    Hello Jake! May I know the title of the song that you’ve used in one of your recent Insta Video? I keep on replaying it. Thanks heaps! 💕

  5. Sarah

    I’ve always liked your music choices! Especially the ones on your instagram posts! Thanks for sharing your playlist! Hoping for more to come. 😁

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