Khaki Kamper


Gap-8© Pia Samson

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  1. Israeleigh

    This is ughh! 😍 Hope to see you on may 16 close-up frvrsmmr, i’ll do everything just to see you and to had picture 🙂 is it okay?:)

  2. Rein

    Such a Bae unoemilio! I love ur blog site lalo na yung Laboracay with andi… BTW , im one of JANDI fans, pero ngyon JELIE na ko (jake anf ellie) hehe! Haaay gwapo mo sobra

  3. Ajo

    Been a fan of your blog since 2012 and it’s my first time to see you post something that’s related to fashion…and I loved your blog even more.😁 Your man bun so cute as you by the way. Stay gwapo, Emilio!😍

  4. redkawamura

    hope to see more of these posts about fashion 👍👍👍 nice blog! not to mention your cool outfit. by the way, happy belated birthday chief 🍺🍺 *cheers

  5. Israeleigh

    I was so amazed when you told me that you really like me!! 😍 happiest girl in town 😄
    #APRILFOOLS! Okay not funny, asa pa ako. 😭

  6. Nica africa

    Your man bun is so daaamn hot jakeeey! 😍 and this is a first on your blog. Posting relates to fashion. Nice one jakeyy! Keep it up! Belated happy birthday btw! 😘😍💓💘

  7. Jm

    You look good, bro! You’re my fashion idol na. 😁 Arbor ng sunglasses hahaha Belated happy birthday 😃 👌👊👏🎂🎆🎇🎉 God bless you and your family!

  8. I really enjoyed your blog Jake! Thank you for insipiring us. Magartista ka na kasi, para lagi na kitang makita sa tv. ❤️ God bless you, and your family. I love you jakeee!!

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