Vietnam: Saigon (1/2)


My friends and I only had two full days in Saigon (officially named Ho Chi Minh), so we decided to take a city tour operated by Back of the Bike Tours on our first afternoon to try and get a good feel of Vietnam’s largest metropolis.

The four-hour tour was well organised and informative. Every one in our group was assigned a personal guide who was knowledgable, enthusiastic, and pretty adept at navigating and merging among a sea of bikes. They took us around a number of the city’s districts to unfold the different sides of Saigon- from the standard tourist spots like its glorious Old French Quarter to the hidden gems such as the bustling local market. In less than 50 USD, it’s definitely a highly recommendable and somewhat adrenaline-pumping way to explore and experience the city through the eyes of locals.

Back of the Bike Tours
+84 906 711 309

HCM-23HCM-26HCM-28HCM-4HCM-5Random coffee shop HCMHCM-33

HCM-35Rainbow Bridge by Gustave EiffelHCM-36HCM-38HCM-39HCM-41
Notre Dame Cathedral

The Central Post OfficeHCM-45HCM-12HCM-13HCM-42HCM-14HCM-46HCM-47HCM-49HCM-50HCM-51HCM-27HCM-7HCM-40HCM-22HCM-21
Thiên Hậu Temple (Taoist/Buddhist)HCM-29HCM-59HCM-63HCM-62HCM-64HCM-65HCM-67HCM-66HCM-68HCM-69HCM-60HCM-70HCM-72HCM-73

The local wet marketHCM-24HCM-75HCM-74HCM-76HCM-77HCM-79HCM-81HCM-80HCM-82HCM-83HCM-84HCM-55HCM-87




  1. I’ve been waiting for this blog since your Ho Chi Minh travel, as expected awesome pictures. We’ll be going there on May, which is better DIY or grab a tour? Is 2 days enough to visit all the tourist spots? Sorry so many questions. 🙂

  2. Sheen Ray

    I always wanted to meet both the locals and tourists who share my fondness towards travelling. It’s more fun to travel when you hear weird tales about the famous landmarks coming from the people you just met. Jake, how do you organize such trips? What web pages do you go to? Are you using apps? (P.S. you gained extra pounds.. but you still look pogi)

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