Lost Lot: Florence, Italy





Florence, Italy
Sept 2010



  1. Been waiting for your updates Jakeeyyy. It’s been a couple of months already, welcome back my brother! Hope you’re doin fine. Amazing captures as always. Fast lane 🙂

  2. Ana

    Jake, are these really your shots? If so then i commend you! It’s amazing! Better put watermark on it though! 😉 i loooove u lots and follow you on Instagram! :))

  3. Arianne

    Keep on bloggin’, Kuya Jakey! Your blog post seems interesting and I love it! And oh, I envy your editing and photography skills – it’s like you’re a pro!

  4. Denise V.

    I’m a new reader of your blog and one word, wow! I am a fan of your deep videos on instagram and now that i’ve finally visited your blog i will surely visit it from time to time. Wishing to be deep and artistic as you. Happy New Year, Jake! I wanna go to places you have been to. Gah, insipiration.

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