08/14 Playlist


Hope by Alex Metric & Oliver

Right Here by Jess Glynne

Can’t Do Without You by CARIBOU

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea (ft. Rita Ora) (Vice Remix)

Nothing On My Mind by Astronomyy (Bearson Remix)

Deckchairs On The Moon by Bipolar Sunshine

You and Your Friends by Wiz Khalifa (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Snoop Dogg)

Gold by Adventure Club (ft. Yuna) (Minnesota Remix)

Go by Grimes (ft. Blood Diamonds)

Get Down 2 Get Up by Mat Zo & The Knocks



  1. Hi. Great picks. Will surely add it on my playlist. Please continue blogging coz I always get too excited whenever you have new blogs. Stay humble and handsome! 🙂 And hoping to meet you in person. More blogs to come. Cheers! Godbless!

  2. Mark Dennis Cruz

    Added to playlist! looking forward for next month’s song! Please do this regularly. Share the music you like. 😘😘😘 sorry if im making papansin sayo sa twitter. Stay safe sa flights mo! ✌️

  3. Sheen Ray

    Hi jake! Love your choice of music! Next time, can you turn away from the upbeat songs and share your personal favorite chill/road trip playlist? Just like you, I usually hit the road… travelling from one place to another. Sitting in the car doing nothing can be tedious sometimes, so if you have great chill-out songs, do post it on your blog!

  4. chrizza

    Hi jake! im your huge fan! 😀 great picks! 🙂 hoping to see you around in singapore, december maybe? Just one picture with you is enough for my birthday! :)))

  5. Jakey! Been waiting for your new posts but I guess you’ve been very busy lately. :/ Uhmm I was planning to put up my very own blog here in wordpress but I’ve encountered few problems and I thought of asking for your guidance since you’re really good at these. One thing that I would like to ask is how can I avoid my posts to be shown wholly? I mean I’ve observed that your posts have “see more” button and that we have to click it first to view the whole content of that certain post of yours. Could you teach me how? It would be very helpful. Thanks Jakey! God bless. GO GET THAT PRINCESS AGAIN. #IYKWIM 🙂

  6. Charlotte

    Been a while since I checked in. Read, heard what happened–our side, her side–and decided to wait. Son, it’s a love worth fighting for. At my age, i know that kind of love you have is not something you just give up on. Pursue it once again. Don’t let the emotions of the moment tear this thing apart. Give it time. If it’s genuine, your inside will know. Take care, and cheers!

      • Charlotte

        Don’t know if you’ll see this. Six months since I last checked in for a long read. Great blog posts as usual. You’d make a really good writer if you so choose to do it as a profession. I appreciate your pictures (and, by that, I mean the time you spend) with Ellie. I continue to wish for you and Andi to see how worth it giving your relationship another go would be. There is so much more the brutally critical public doesn’t see, so I just hope you’re still pursuing her heart. Cheers, young one!

  7. advinculablesie

    I love everything about unoemilio.com, am an avid reader of your blog Mr. Ejercito 🙂 Hoping for more entries! Lots of love! 🙂

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