Giveaway: Send Polaroids Anywhere in the World Through Printic! [CLOSED]

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Sup guys! I’m glad to announce this blog’s very first giveaway which is 3 free credits to jumpstart your Printic experience!

What’s Printic?
Printic, a Paris-based IT company, has developed a pretty unique phone application which offers the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints not only from your smartphone’s photo library, but also from your Instagram and Facebook accounts. With only a few clicks, you could send your nifty photos to your family and friends anywhere in the world!

Doing well in America and Europe and newly launched in Asia, what’s so special about Printic is that it integrates the old-fashioned way of sending mails with today’s digital age. There’s nothing like the anticipation of sending or receiving tangible memories to and from your loved ones. Moreover, Printic delivers your orders in a snap, taking only 5-7 days.

Easy peasy use
After downloading the app, it’s as easy and simple as selecting a photo, choosing your recipient, and clicking the send button! Printic also allows its users to crop and personalize photos by adding thoughtful messages. Even better, orders are sent by Printic in neat orange envelopes as seen in the video below.

So how much does it cost?
For this one of a kind service they provide, using the app is very affordable and well worth it! All prints cost $0.49 each, with your first order at $2.19. There are no hidden costs whatsoever and Printic doesn’t charge you for shipping. Great stuff!

How to join the contest?

  • Contest is open to everyone anywhere in the world using Apple devices running on iOS 5 or greater and any Android 2.2 compatible smartphone
  • Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@unoemilio) so I could inform you through direct message in case you win!
  • Contest ends next Monday, Feb 24, and I’ll get in touch with the winners on the same day.
  • Printic is generously giving away 3 credits each to 25 lucky winners, so start by clicking the link below and follow the instructions!

>> This contest has ended <<



  1. Djiannecara

    WOW! can’t believe you actually are replying to comments. 😱 soo kind of you, jake! You’re giving us tons of reasons to love you even more. Stay adorable inside&out! God bless! 😁😜😍❤️💋

      • Djiannecara

        Marry me, jake? Haha. Kidding! How i wish everybody would be like you! Paradise it’ll be. Kudos in all your endeavors, jake! You surely are getting them. And btw, thank you! 😊😊😊

  2. Maureen

    I’m seriously loving your blog Jake! I mean there’s not a lot of electronic(and or music)/travel/photo blog out there that gives no BS and yours fall into that category. You’ve gained one avid reader here! Keep the awesome posts coming!

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