Singapore: ZoukOut 2013

Place: Siloso Beach, Singapore

Date: 13-14 December 2013

Time: 6 PM-8 AM

Price: 168 SGD for a 2-day festival pass; Drinks reasonably priced at 3 SGD per cup (tequilla, vodka bull, water)

Acts: Example & DJ Wire, Ferry Corsten, Krewella, NERVO, Otto Knows, Alesso, Danny Avila, Dash Berlin, Lee Foss & Anabel Englund, Solomun, Zedd, Kölsch, etc

Verdict: ZoukOut turned out to be a lot better than I had expected. Although there were thousands of attendees, the existence of two stages made it possible to move freely and have lotsa space for your robot dancing, fist-pumping, or whatever floats your boat (save for twerking).

As for the crowd, it was generally cool, with everyone in to have a great time. It was also unsurprisingly diverse as there are tons of expats in Singapore. And just like in any other music festival, Doucheville was very much represented too. Yeahhh broseph

Moreover, the portalets were fairly clean and pleasant and there were no longer unending queues to use them as was the complaint in previous years. So while ZoukOut is nowhere close to Tomorrowland, I can say it gives you plenty of bang for the buck. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth checking out!




^Click HD for better resolution!



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