Singapore: Raffles Hotel


Famed for its timeless snazz and clazz, Singapore’s Raffles Hotel has stood the test of more than a century, defying the odds of the Great Depression and a Japanese occupation. It’s iconic colonial structure is not only a welcome sight, but also a refreshing one specially in a fast-growing city which seems to breed new developments at every corner turn. Moreover, it’s also well-known for being the home of the Singapore Sling as it was first concocted in the hotel’s Long Bar. I was quite keen on checking it out and trying the cocktail for the first time but the Sunday afternoon lazy surely didn’t keep a throng of expats from filling the bar to the brim. Another time, another post I guess

So if you’re in town and fancy a bit of fancy, Raffles shouldn’t be such a bad idea. At least Liz Taylor, Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson and Will and Kate certainly don’t think so.

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  1. Taking to the Open Road

    I liked the old school feel of the bar, but for the prices they charge, you’d think the least they could do would be to make me a Singapore Sling from scratch, especially at the bar where it was first invented?! No sirree, ours came out premade from a bottle. Not worth it! Order a G+T instead, I say!

    • I was able to speak to the bartender at the Courtyard and he said the Long Bar does serve premade Singapore Slings on terribly busy hours. So I guess you just have to find the perfect timing to go. On the other hand, the Courtyard always serves it fresh. Point taken though! Thanks!

  2. casandra macy

    🙂 another nice review! who took photos of you? you really are the handsomest brainy hunk! gudnyt mr. dreamguy 😉

  3. An

    Drool!!:) jake ejercito!! Ur really a one In a million guy.. Gifted!!! All in.. Smart, handsome, rich..u have it all.. Nice blog.. My dream guy next to my baby🙊😁❤😍

  4. Erwan

    Hi Jake, just a random question. Do you love wearing Vans shoes? how many pairs do you have now? I really love your fashion sense. Cheers!

  5. marianne

    hi jake! another great post from your blog:) anyway i would like to ask what camera did you use in this post? and lastly your pictures are sooo amazing! your parents must be sooo proud of you

  6. Ianne

    Every blog you did is just worth spending a time juan emilio.. Each words are just fitted for each views you give us.. Plus the bonus of putting your photo. Its nice that a good looking guy like you doesnt do selfie haha that much.. Kudos jake! Cheers man!

  7. Charlotte

    Reminds me to some degree of Manila Hotel and its undeniable history, opulence, and classic-ness! Great eye for composition, you and your companion photog!!

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