Philippines: Boracay

Boracay, Philippines
May 2013

“Young and Beautiful (PR0J3C7 Alpha Remix)” by Lana Del Rey
“Clarity (Brillz Remix)” by Zedd (ft. Foxes)
“Spectrum (Acoustic)” by Zedd (ft. Matthew Koma)

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  1. A

    Its my first time to visit your blog and I admire it. Great video. I enjoyed the segues from scene to scene. The water is as clear as a pool. Uh, If you don’t mind me asking whats the songs on your video? Thanks! Have a great day!

    – A

  2. Sharon kua

    Wow, you’re very talented! This is one masterpiece I can watch again and again. Thanks for sharing, you inspire me 🙂

  3. You posted this na pala. Hope you enjoyed Boracay, went there last April and I can say its the highlight of my summer 2013 aside from meeting you personally haha #whitesand #summerheat 🙂

  4. Super Awed by your editing skills mr. I think you’ll make it big in the movie industry just in case you decide to be a director or something in line with that. aaand, you are so so gwapo btw x) so much love for you and your family, -A xoxo

  5. Chelsea

    Looks like you have the heart for it, really love your editing skills… If you don’t mind me asking, career path geared towards entertainment?

  6. Dani

    Trippy! Loved the perspective you’ve used! Gives the viewer the feeling of actually partying in bora with you guys! 👏👍

  7. Jez alarcon

    Suuuuuuupeeeeeerr cool! \m/ more videos please haha classy taste in music too 🙂 😍😍😍

  8. Cyrene

    i love this video blog! great choice of song!im a fan of zedd,I’m such a party whore too well i really like you too so angas! post more video xox

  9. Sioanne

    Haven’t been to all the places you’ve traveled. Thanks for sharing this to feels like we also visited those places because of your blog… Kudos!!you’re a very smart person bonus handsome too:)

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  11. Ianne

    Such a nice video juan emilio.. Doing great.. Improving and becoming better.. Love can really make you do things beyond limits.. Stay soulful.. Godbless you..

  12. Gian carlo miranda

    Hi Jake, it will be my first time celebrating Laborday Boracay with friends. Any summer beach attire tip you can share (brands of swimm wear you trust that you can recommend) ? Thank you!waiting for your kind reply.

  13. My favorite! Ilan beses ko na pinapanuod to.. Hindi ba pwede idownload? Hope to see u AGAIN with HER on LABORACAY2015… I love u and andi forevs ❤️❤️❤️

  14. remie

    i really enjoyed ur blog kaso parang my kulang….outside the manila m bora lng un feature m? wla pang mga photos and write ups…im sure ur been to many provinces here sna ifeature m rin un…

  15. Glenda

    Tho my comment iß too late but can’t help it the vid was awesome I really luv u and andi 💜 ur soo guapo Juan Emilio 💜💜💜

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