Spain: Barcelona & Montserrat



For my term break last October, I met up with Kuya Jinggoy and his fam in Barcelona and some family friends, the Antonio’s, who happened to be there too. We also took a side trip to Montserrat to see its Black Madonna. Good weather, great food, and an even better company. Nothing beats the fambam








  1. Ryan

    Great pictures! Makes me more eager to embark on my own travel especially around Europe. Few more entries and you can already make your own travel book guide!

  2. Chinabird

    I’ve always wanted a rosary from Sagrada Familia but it’ll have to wait til I dunno when😔.. Totally random!not that you should care or know 😊… Nice to see places I’d love to see in other peoples eyes! Nice photos,as always!

  3. there’s also a place somewhere in Davao Oriental here in the Philippines called MONTSERRAT. They say it used to be where Spanish Colonizer dwelt when they arrived in the area. Now i understand fully why it called so – basically named after Montserrat of Spain. 🙂 Thanks for this post. 🙂

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