UK: The 2012 Summer Olympics, London


Yet another late post!

Since I got here in London, I always make it a point to spend my summer breaks in Manila as much as possible. For the simple reason that the city becomes a ghost town to me because all my amigos head back to their respective countries. So I usually book a flight and scram even before the last day of term. But Summer 2012 was a different case for 3 reasons: Β Coldplay, Tomorrowland, and the London Games. It’s not every 4 years that you’ll coincidentally be in a host city of the freakin Olympics, innit?

The build up to the Games were great times. Although the influx of tourists drove me beyond mad, the tons of Olympic spirit-injected events happening around the clock and the feeling of a city hyped and excited for something so big was unique and quite amazing at the same time.Β And I think it was worth all the anticipation. In spite of the financial drawbacks, fears, and the fact of having to follow after China’s out of this world epic hosting job, London was able to pull off and put on an awesome show that was widely praised.

I didn’t intend to see a single event live, but one of my good friends is a daughter of the Chairman of the Lithuanian Basketball Commission or something so we got free tickets to all their games! Brap! And we even got to meet Ricky Rubio and THE POP, the legendary Greg Popovich, who was seated right behind me during one of the matches! It was basketball heaven

Day 1

Lithuania v France

Australia v China

Day 2

Australia v Russia

Lithuania v Tunisia


Day 3

Lithuania v Russia

Spain v France





  1. Chinabird

    Lucky,lucky you! I was able to visit the Olympic Park a week before the opening and there wasn’t any chaos at all, and I was wishing that the Heineken bar was open already but sad to say,it wasn’t then,so I made my way to Westfield instead,,,teehee!

  2. Ugh! Was already envious with your travelling, & now seeing these smashing pikchass frm the Olympics made me even more grrrrr. such a waste that we had to go home in RP just when the events were startin.. hmmm totally lovin yer blog. God bless! πŸ™‚

  3. jian

    Thank for making me happy just seeing you replied on my comment or favorite my tweets make my day. Sorry for being a fani girl. Super nice and gwapo mo lang and not everyone is like that:) godbless:)

  4. jian

    Thanks for making me happy just seeing you replied on my comment or favorite my tweets makes my day. Sorry for being a fan girl. Super nice and gwapo mo lang and not everyone is like that:) godbless:)

  5. AA

    I love your blog! You write amazingly and your photos are eye-opening. Your blog leaves me yearning to go to London but for now, keep on blogging until I can experience London firsthand πŸ™‚

  6. ennaira eam

    considering that your father was an ex president of the still manage to be humble in everything you do,and you stay as handsome as you are..Godbless you juan emilio

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