Belgium: Brussels


The Grand Place, Brussels- Julliard, me, Sandro, Sofia, Rica, Anton

From the larger group that was in Tomorrowland, five of us decided not to stay till the very end and spend a night in a Brussels hotel instead. It broke our hearts a little walking away for miles from the festival grounds to the main road with all our stuff in hand while hearing Aoki give one killer of a closer and seeing fireworks light up the sky one last time. But considering we had been sleeping in cheapass tents and haven’t bathed in almost four days, it was about time for some serious hot showers, proper furnitures of some sort for sleeping, and thrones for royalty if you know what I mean.

Arriving late at night and going back to where we came from the following afternoon (Sandro to Manila, Sofia to Amsterdam, and the rest of us to London), we didn’t have much time to see the capital city. We just made it a point to see the statue of the kid famous for endlessly peeing and do a bit of damage with a chow down of the best mussels in Brussels. See what I did there?

Being a student of Politics, it sucks not being able to see the EU and NATO headquarters which are both found in the city. What sucks even more is that I totally forgot about it while I was there. At least I already got two reasons to go back



King’s Cross Station, London- Back in time for the Olympics



  1. Chinabird

    I love it when I come across blogs that are tastefully written and makes a good read and don’t make me weep in disgust with grammatical errors.I guess because I love books and love reading that anyone who murder words with a passion is failure in the highest for me…after all that crap intro,what I really want to say is that I like what I’ve read– so far– from your blogs. Hope you keep posting so I can keep reading and say “Crikey! another Filipino who writes well!” Hope I get to see you around “Lahndahn”– then again my destination of sort is only around Earls Court-King’s Road-Knightsbridge-Earls Court route!😄 Asa pa ako!teehee!!Good Luck and Godspeed to you,Sir!

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