UK: Portobello, London

Portobello Road is the famous address of a number of London antique shops, selling everything from quirky rugs to second-hand riches. It’s also notably known for being the setting of the rom-com classic, “Notting Hill” which was mostly filmed along the street. On weekends, when the road is closed and a full-blown market is in place, it can get as mob scenic as the tiangges in Greenhills. But it was far from the usual ruckus when I went with my high school classmate Michael as snow settled big time that day. It was a good walk nonetheless thanks to Portobello’s distinct charm…and to Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.






  1. A J

    I just watched Notting Hill last night so it’s a pleasant surprise to see your post 🙂 do people still visit this place for the movie? Love your photos 🙂

  2. Charm

    I would love to have a walk there with you. Can we do that??? Haha, nice pics crushie .. handsome as always.

    P.S. Notting Hill is one of my favorite movie so it’s really nice to see your photos.

  3. Sana you should’ve taken pics of the famous apartment of Hugh Grant’s character in the movie. Pati yung bookshop. …But I think you’ve already posted them in a previous post, if I remember correctly. Have you been to that bench in the garden where the film ended? 😀

    • yeahh, i already posted photos of the door and the bookshop in one of my previous entries. the garden where the bench is is unfortunately a private one so nope. lemme know if you got the keys

  4. Isai

    Inggit ako ng sobra. Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies. Wanna be able to visit pag nagka-pera. Oh myyy :’)

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