The Day I Saw Michael Jackson

Since today’s the birth anniversary of Michael Jackson, I hope you wouldn’t mind a little dose of the GOAT… Influenced by my sister, I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson when I was little. Apart from owning a copy of all his CD’s and constantly playing them, the big sis and I used to record anything and everything MJ on VHS tapes, be it music videos, interviews, or TV specials, and have petty fights over it. So you could just imagine how thrilled (no pun intended) I was to have already been based in London when his 2009 comeback concert series was announced. I missed classes, queued for hours, and spent quite a lot of my earnings and was able to cop tickets to see his show on three separate nights. And although we all know what transpired even before the concert series began, I still feel fortunate enough to have seen that freak of a legend up close and in the flesh during the press con of the planned gigs; his first proper public appearance in so many years which was also to be his last. Definitely one of those “I wuz there when it happened” moments. Apologies for the poor quality of photos!<iframe src=”; width=”850″ height=”478″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>

Chill. It’s just an impersonator.
Click here for a proper video of the entire Press Con!



  1. LuneReine

    You have no idea how I almost choked when I saw you with that impersonator. HEHEHE! I hope you’ll write more often. Your life is pretty exciting, and I want to see these places through your perspective! 🙂

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