Germany: Munich

It was my first time in Germany and I went to meet up and be some sort of a bag-carrier/researcher/chaperone/food-finisher/map reader to my mom and her friends (free of charge). Unfortunately, we had to be based in Frankfurt which just seemed like a bigger Ayala Centre and was as dull as my 5th grade Math teacher. So since I didn’t want to waste the rest of my first stay in Germany and only God knows if I’ll ever go back, I opted to take a day trip to Munich which was 3 hours away by train. Turns out, the young-at-hearts were pretty bored too and were keen to tag along with me.

We first took a side journey to Dachau to see the first ever concentration camp built by the Nazis. And after an insightfully depressing start to our day, we were off to Munich where mom and her friends decided to uplift their spirits by something they’d get an Olympic gold medal for: shopping; while I walked around for a bit and tried to get the vibe of the city…after making the most of Ralph Lauren’s 60% off summer sale that is

Considering we only had a few hours and I had to spend a portion chaperoning my mom, I didn’t get to see much of the city. But in contrast to Frankfurt, I found Munich to have had much more vibrancy and culture and it made me feel like I actually was in Germany. We also had the best meal of our entire trip there and to top it all off, I had a pint of some really fine-tasting beer that Oktoberfest in Munich suddenly made a whole lotta sense

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  2. Mel

    Checking out your blog more. ….Yikes! You also went to Dacchau. I specifically went to Germany to check out the concentration camps. (I know I am nuts). Going alone to Dacchau was too creepy and depressing. I thought Germany was just ok. Highlight of that trip was when I ran into Matt Damon at the Jewish museum in Berlin 🙂

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