UK: Wimbledon, London

Being the very first and widely considered as the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon to the fans of tennis is what the World Cup is to football enthusiasts. Although not a tennis buff myself, I’ve come to enjoy watching the game thanks to my parents who stay up till morning to watch the likes of Federer and Nadal on TV.

Getting tickets to witness Wimbledon matches live isn’t as easy as buying concert tickets. It’s a lottery and the process starts almost a year before the tournament. That’s why I’ve never even bothered trying in my 4 years in London. Fortunately, one of our family friends, Tita Tats, who knew of my eagerness to experience a Wimbledon match, was able to cop last minute tickets to the Women’s Semi-Finals and was kind enough to take me with her.

Although the matches were thrilling enough and watching the now 5-time Wimbledon Champion Serena Williams in the flesh gave me considerable bragging rights, I was more amused by and interested in the overall atmosphere in the court and the rest of the grounds. I never thought the phrase “prim and proper” would ever be fit to describe a sporting event. But with people, who I thought were mostly overdressed for a tennis match, sippin on champagne and allotting way too many bites per piece of strawberry, it’s the posh-est thing I’ve been to in a while.

Wimbledon surely feels like a British tradition and in a city where so much happens, it’s one gem that should remain unchanged.

PS. One thing I found out is that Fred Perry, the guy one of my favorite clothing brands is named after, was a British tennis player who won at Wimbledon for 3 straight years and has been the last British player to win a Men’s singles Grand Slam title since 1936. Below is a photo of his statue in Wimbledon.

Angelique Kerber v Agnieszka Radwanska (W)
Serena Williams (W) v Victoria Azarenka




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