UK: Borough Market, London

After winning this year’s L’Oreal Brandstorm alongside the rest of Team Philippines in Paris, certified jet-setter Tiptip had another swing by London. The last time she was in town with Roxi, we had a long and heated argument before they were able to convince me to watch freaking Shrek the Musical with them– of all West End productions! On her trip back, she asked me to go with her to the acclaimed Borough Market which didn’t sound any better to me as I was sorta watching what I ate that time. Plus the weather was retarded as it has been all summer long. So once again, she had to force me to go with her to the southeast for some damaging immoderate self-indulgence.

Although I expected my tolerance in oral consumption to be relatively high as usual, Borough Market turned out to be a crazy irresistible  feast. Tiptip and I were quickly betrayed by our senses as we walked through the chaos of fresh produce such as pastries, meats, vegetables, seafood, coffees, breads, cheese, alcohol, and the like from in and outside of the UK. Not being a “foodie” myself, I can say that the distinct smell brought about by all the products should be enough to tempt anyone to gratify their taste buds and please their stomachs with a passion.

There were a lot of stalls which handed out tasters so Tiptip and I strategically went to each of them and attempted to eat-and-run our way through the market. But yeilding to the spirit of YOLO, I had a roast beef sandwich, a plate of out of this world mixed seafood, and a cup of creamy ice cream. It doesn’t sound much, but the sight and smell of the endless meal and drink options alone were filling enough. And more than enough it was. I did 5 kilometres the morning after.



  1. Angelin

    OM actual G, sounded and seemed all tempting to me. Pig-out-time! Been in the UK for nearly two years but have never been to that place, hidden gem eh! Borough Market, here I (we) come! Great to have chanced upon your blog! 🙂

  2. Gwenn

    Planning to go to London on January but ill be staying there just for 4 days. Looking thru your blog and trying to find some unique places and stuff. I hope you could help me eh? Thanks Jake! hehe ily forever

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