FPJ & Erap: When Water is as Thick as Blood

Deprived of sleepiness, I was checking out old films of our dad and FPJ on YouTube and was genuinely surprised to have chanced upon the video posted below. It was shown during our dad’s 75th birthday party last April and was an absolute tear-jerker. I had been waiting to share it online, specially to our family friends who didn’t get to join us that night so here it is. Big ups to Ate Jackie for coming up with a remarkable tribute!

The song featured is a mash-up between Noynoy Zuniga’s “Doon Lang,” interpreted by FPJ in one of his films, and “Paalam” which our dad composed after the passing of his best friend of 40 years.

Two kings of Philippine cinema and champions of the Filipino masses. To the greatest friendship I know. You’re never forgotten, Tito Ron!



  1. kon. dama malvar

    d king n erap d best tlg. mula p ng munti aq bata gang ngaun…idol p rin. salama s inyo ptunay lamang ng tunay n kaibigan lang iwanan.

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