UK: Notting Hill, Primrose Hill, and Camden (London)

Two of my good friends from high school, Roxi and Tiptip, were in London for a couple of days last week as part of their Eurotrip this summer. As I’ve got my hands full with exams this whole month, it sucks I wasn’t able to join them a lot. But on their last day, I took them to Notting Hill (cos Tip wanted to see the bookshop and the famous blue door), Primrose Hill, and Camden. Good times with great friends!





  1. Lei

    hi! lovely blog you have here particularly this article because it shows lot of your quirky sides. i am just wondering if u will pursue law or just be a politician like the daughter of Sen. Jinggoy who’s also a polsci if i am not mistaken?
    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year Sir! GodBless.

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