Macau: World’s Highest Bungy Jump

It was our second family trip to Macau (April 2011) and my lil bro, Jacob, and I wanted to go around and discover the city since we literally spent our entire first trip inside the Venetian Hotel. When we searched online, we found out that one of the more interesting twists Macau has is the world’s highest bungy. Having a fear of heights, badass roller coasters were the furthest I could push and dare myself to try. But due to the lack of things to do in the city and since it was my birthday a few days back, I decided to add and tick something off my non-existent and flexible bucket list and just wing the goddamn thing.

I spent about half an hour at the bottom of the tower contemplating whether or not to push through with it despite the fact I had already paid a hefty price and there were no refunds. At the end of it, it was an experience like no other. You get to scream like a bitch and still look like a boss. Plus I was on an adrenaline high for at least 3 hours after the jump which was pretty cool. They also give you a discount card in case you decide to jump again which would make it a bit more reasonable. I’d definitely do it again if and when I head back to Macau and I’ll make sure to actually jump the next time around.



  1. Isabel diamat

    Ill be in Macau this September makes me wanna try! Legggo!! I wanna scream like a bitch but still look like a boss! Haha

  2. Blimey! I’ve got fear of heights too and just by merely watchin the vid i was screamin like hell! haha pretty sure if i’d try that bungee jump i’d die from hyperventilating! lol

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