Inside Anne Frank’s Secret Annex

Two entries ago, I talked about my trip to Amsterdam and it slipped my mind to include probably the biggest wholesome draw of the city: the Anne Frank House.

My friends and I went right before dinnertime and near the museum’s last hour so we were lucky enough to go straight in and not to witness the regular long queues. From the outside, the house doesn’t stand out among its surroundings and looks absolutely ordinary if it weren’t for the small white plate that tells you it’s the “Anne Frank Huis”. But what we saw inside was far from the usual. Learning more about the Frank family and the precautions they took, the sacrifices they made, and the outcome in the end, was surely an experience that was striking and emotionally draining at the same time.

It’s impossible to put yourself in the position of those who hid there but the experience gives you a small idea. What happened to Hitler’s probably most famous victim is a heavy subject that needs to be told and the museum tells it well. Regardless if you are familiar with Anne Frank’s story or not, taking time to visit the place is a must. It not only makes us realise how her diary provides a voice to the lives of millions of unspoken Jews who perished, but it’s also a testament to what humanity is capable of doing, both good and bad. One piece of advice: plan something uplifting afterwards.

(Taking photos wasn’t allowed inside hence the poor quality)

Right behind the bookcase is a staircase that leads to the “Secret Annex”

Anne Frank’s posters of monarchs and film stars are still on the walls of her room almost 70 years later

Height-tracker of Anne and her sister, Margot.

Visit the museum’s official page:



  1. I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a young girl and almost 10 years ago, while in Amsterdam, I also visited the Anne Frank Huis and found it to be a moving experience. We also went about an hour before closing, which was perfect to avoid the lines and not have a large crowd. Great photos, especially considering the no photography inside rule.

  2. Sassy

    I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was 12 and it was heartbreaking, but she was a tough girl though. S’really nice to see photos of the Anne Frank Huis. Thanks for posting them. 🙂

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