The Netherlands: Amsterdam

After pointlessly hoping to find a relatively warm place in Europe to go to, my mates and I took a much unplanned trip to Amsterdam during our term break last November.

Just an hour by plane from London, Amsterdam is small and compact and looks pretty much the same after every corner-turn that I think spending 4 days in the city was a bit too much (or maybe it was just the cold weather that kept us indoors most of the time). It’s generally a tourist-friendly city with welcoming locals who are happy to help out with directions when Google Maps fails. But contrary to what I expected, the capital of the Netherlands turned out to be calmer and quainter. Although the infamous coffee shops were frequent, smell of pot common, and prostitutes unusually easily accessible, they were still outnumbered by the museums (which were quite good), bicycles, and tourist traps. I’d definitely wanna go back in the summer just to see how it is with more people and lesser winter vibes.

And for any of you non-Dutch who are planning to go to Amsterdam only to smoke up and get high, here’s a little something that might burst your bubble:
CNN: Dutch to ban foreigners from pot shops
Huffington Post: Netherlands Coffee Shops: Tourists To Be Banned From Legal Marijuana Cafes (VIDEO)



  1. Raquel G

    Hiya! Raquel from Sao Paulo here! I’m researching for my Euro Trip this summer and I happen to stumble upon your blog.

    My questions are: How do people get around the city? And since you say it’s small and compact, does that mean the attractions are close to one another?

    Obrigada! I wish you could blog about your other trips too if there are more!

    • I could get this wrong but I saw most people on bikes. There were barely any cabs as well and the use of the trams cost more than in other places. My friends and I just walked around the city during the entire trip, apart from that one time we took a boat ride.

      The attractions aren’t all in one place. We actually had a lot of long walks which were quite tiring but pleasant anyway. I suggest you try using a bike for long distances and if you wanna feel like a local!

      Have a great time in Europe! Cheers!

  2. Kurlly Mae

    Thank you sa blog mo.. 🙂 kagagaling lang namin nang amsterdam.. i was looking for that IAMSTERDAM, kasi nakita ko siya sa blog mo.. we found it.. Asa labas pala siya nang musuem.. 🙂 Blog more about your trips in europe Jake!

    thank you!!

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