UK: Brick Lane, London

London is probably best known for its West End musicals, Big Ben, and the Queen’s Guards with their tall fury hats. But I’ve discovered that apart from these postcard attractions, the city also has a rich sub or counterculture and one of the ways it’s best observed is through street art. With the likes of world famous artists such as Banksy and Cartrain being based in the city, one can imagine the amount and quality of street art London has to offer.

Here are some photos I took of the artwork found on the walls around Brick Lane, an area in East London commonly known for being a flea market where you could find curry houses, second-hand retro clothes, and absolutely everything in between.

With graffiti like these, do you consider them works of art or vandalism? Are they within the scope of freedom of expression or not? It’s interesting how they are more tolerant about it in some places in London than back home in Manila where the MMDA notably paints over the walls of EDSA in an attempt to make it look cleaner instead of sorting out the traffic first.

And just to prove to you guys how indie and hypster (cos “hipster” is already too mainstream) the place is, here’s the music video (UK version) of one of my favorite old school The Killers songs shot along Brick Lane.



  1. Regine Sta. Maria

    Cool beans!! I’m going to London this summer and I’ll now include Brick Lane on my must-sees list for sure! Thanks for sharing, Jake! xxx

  2. Dave Thompson

    I love going to Brick Lane! It must be one of my favourite places in London. I remember finding that piece with Cheryl Cole and K Moss too! Isn’t it amazing!

    Decent blog you have here!

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