Around 15 hours after arriving in Manila (from London) last Tuesday night, I headed to Macau with the fam for three days before going to Hong Kong for the rest of Holy Week. It was a good call to spend it there since the Christian holidays coincided with the Chinese version of All Soul’s Day this year so there was less congestion in Macau and HK since a lot of people went back to Mainland China.

But I must admit we didn’t do much in line with Holy Week. Basically, 30% of our time was spent on eating, 25% on shopping, 30% of mine recovering from jet lag, 10% on CR time, and 5% holding other people’s cameras to take their photos with our Dad, who takes the shape of a theme park’s cartoon mascot whenever he’s out in public.


Off topic: An interesting thing I found out from Dad over the week was how Macau’s sudden economic growth in recent years would’ve also been experienced by Manila. He regrettably told me and my siblings that he was approached by Stanley Ho during his presidency as the latter planned to invest in the Philippines. But as soon as Ho’s Floating Casino opened in Manila, then Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Sin, meddled with our politics again and opposed it.

Sure, gambling may not be the most moral thing, but imagine if we had hotels like the Venetian and Galaxy in Manila. Not only would it generate tens of thousands of jobs, but it would also boost our country’s tourism for many years which is equally beneficial. The fact that the Filipino workers in Macau make up the second largest group of non-resident workers in the city (after the mainland Chinese) only goes to show how we would’ve been more than ready and capable for it. And now with Resorts World, it’s as if we only settled for a slice of the cake when we could’ve easily devoured the entire thing.

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  1. Yamby Tuazon

    I’ve supported your father since the time he ran for senator in 1987. He will always be remembered as the people’s president. It’s great to see him and the entire family have a good time together. Thanks for sharing these moments! Kudos!

    -Yamby T., Cebu City

  2. Would love to visit Macau and Hong Kong- I’ve never managed the Far East. Someday, maybe. Great photos. Looks like you and the family had a great time. Thanks for following.

  3. I saw your bungee jump video in your vimeo account and I must say, you really had the nerves to do such amazing and extreme thing and I really salute you uno for that! 😀 And because of that, I wanna try bungee jumping too. haha. Well at least not now but someday! I’ll travel the world too just like you and I won’t stop until i’ve reached for that dream of mine. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for existing. 🙂

  4. My humble gratitude to you uno. You’re one of the coals that fuels my fire and desire to travel. 🙂 I dream of sharing the same travel experience with you too someday. And oh, I’m planning to visit SG this November. Can I meet you there? If you don’t mind. 🙂

  5. Ma. Katrina Bernardino

    Your such a good traveler blogger Jake 🙂 I went to Hongkong and Macau last year. Sayang 1 day lang kami sa Macau pero memorable since madaming pinoy ang nagwowork dun at very accomodating sila :). Do you have info about Bangkok? ..

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