UK: The Beatles Hometown Tour, Liverpool

Right, so here’s the deal with me and travelling. I’ve been based in London for the past 3.5 years and travelling has become one of my biggest frustrations. In that span of time, I’ve only gone to 4 cities outside England and although I’ve been to a number of cities within the UK, the trips were basically just campus visits to different universities so they don’t technically count, do they? But an exception to the list is Liverpool, which my good friend Rugile and I decided to check out.

Anyone familiar with 1950’s rock and roll or psychedelic rock would know that the city is best known for producing one of, if not the most, successful and popular acts in the history of music: The Beatles. (Although Anne Curtis seems to be catching up like a cheetah.) And even if I wasn’t a hardcore fan, I thought it was a pretty good deal to go to a well-known city and, at the same time, learn about the biggest band that ever played

We first popped by “The Beatles Story Exhibition” which has an audio guide that takes you through the entire Beatles history, from their pre-Cavern Club days all the way to the solo years with every studio album in between. It also features interesting personal items which used to belong to the four “lads.”

Downside: it takes up a lot of your time!


George Harrison’s first ever guitar

The photo shows the first Beatles line-up with Pete Best as their drummer.

John Lennon’s orange specs

From there, we headed to take a tour of John’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes. Compared to the exhibition, this is a more up-close take on the two Beatles as the tour guides share personal stories of the two in connection to the houses they once lived in. It was something different when we were told we were standing right in the very spot where John and Paul composed their first song together and another where the first ever Beatles jam session took place. (Taking photos wasn’t allowed inside the homes but I was able to take a few sneaky shots.)

Downside: there’s nothing about George and Ringo


Lennon’s bedroom


McCartney’s bedroom

The next day, we took one last tour: “The Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour.” In this trip, your driver serves as your tour guide and he basically takes you to the sites in Liverpool which the Beatles mention in their songs like Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, etc. and you also get to see the houses of George Harrison and Ringo Starr, but only from the outside.

Downside: I think the tour could depend a lot on the driver. We were lucky the one we got seemed to have been a Beatles devotee since conception


Strawberry fields forever…

Penny Lane, there is a barber showing photographs…

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout…

Eleanor Rigby

Ringo Starr’s childhood home

The Cavern Club, where the Beatles played roughly 300 times before making it big

Although I’m sure Liverpool isn’t just about the Beatles, going there surely turned me into a fan. It’s a must-see for genuine followers of the band and rock and roll music and a worthwhile experience for the rest of us.

Right about now, “Something” and “Here Comes the Sun” are tied for the most played Beatles song in my iTunes. What’s your favorite Beatles song?



  1. I am a follower of your Twitter account and when I saw you tweeted “Here comes the sun” lyrics, I knew you did something Beatles-related, and voila, next thing I knew, I am already reading your Beatlemania post. As a big Fab Four fan, I appreciated your story. It doesn’t only give the reader a good description of Liverpool, but also brings the reader in Liverpool itself. Cheers to you and your great blog!

  2. My most favourites would be Two of Us, Blackbird, and Across the Universe. Please do know that it was very difficult to pick a favourite Beatles song for they made lots of beautiful, timeless songs. 😀

      • Hahaha. Thanks. So, what about you? What’s your favourite Beatles song? You just stated that, “Something” and “Here Comes the Sun” are tied for the most played, but does it also mean they’re your favourite? Hmm.

        Also, I forgot to mention in my first comment that I am extremely envious of you for having visited their childhood homes and all. Ugh, lucky!

        PS I notice you keep on changing your blog header (or whatever you call that thing). Why? If you may ask my opinion though, I’d prefer seeing the one that’s a black and white photo of you in an alley. That one. 😀

      • i cant choose a favorite beatles song! but they’re probably two of my preferred ones!

        yeah i uploaded around three photos so that the header would show a different one each time you go from one page to another. thanks! i like that photo too! haha

  3. It’s my era! Funnily enough have never been to all the old Beatle’s haunts but saw them in concert a couple of times. Currently reading “Paul McCartney- a life” by coincidence so couldn’t resist commenting.

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