First Blood: 22

(In case you haven’t, and to do away with all the “hello-blogging-world-first-entry” bullcrap, do check out the “About” page of the site. Yeah buddy)

I just turned 22 a couple of days ago and I gotta say, so far it feels a lot like being 21. For reals. But what was different about turning a year older this time around was that it was my first birthday away from home. (All together now: “Aww!”) Yeah, I’ve been based in London for almost 4 years, but in the past, different reasons allowed me to be in Manila on my birthday. And despite the fact I was lucky enough to visit my dad and lil bro, Jacob, who were taking a break in Paris a few days earlier, the birthday blues were admittedly there. I have quite a list of things to blame, from the excessive school work to the clear lack of endorphins. Take your pick.

Fortunately, in the end, the international phone and Skype calls from the fam, the other greetings sent my way through SMS, Facebook, and Twitter (which were suddenly appreciated a tad bit more), my friends here, the sun, and Primrose Hill turned everything around and made my birthday actually feel like one.

In situations where you have two “homes,” it could sometimes be difficult not to have preferences, specially when you’ve spent your life in one place considerably more than the other. Combine it with missing out on special occasions you see photos of on Facebook and the f’d up English weather, it’s easy for one to take a hit. But I’ve learned that everything is only a matter of perspective and we just sometimes forget to have fun for whatever reason. I’m sure I’ll miss London after my time here so I best make the most of it. Sabi nga nila… “YOLO!”

J.E.J.E. in Paris

If you thought that was bad enough, here’s J.E.J.E.J.E.

Anton (not the one in the photo, that’s Ollie), Rica, and Pisha, who are among my Pinoy friends in London, stormed in the flat and surprised me with cupcakes. That’s after going to the wrong floor and knocking on someone else’s door. Priceless. Thanks, yo!

We decided to go to a Spanish bar and told the others about it.

Next day, at Primrose Hill.

It was my first time back after more than a year. Forgot how awesome this place is.

Oh did I mention the Lakers were also able to pull a W on the road that day? Good stuff.

Again, big thanks to all those who remembered and greeted! And special thanks to my friends here who took the time to come out despite our killer schedules.

(Right. Didn’t expect the first entry to be… rather emotional. Lol sorry about that)


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  1. WOW! Finally, a legit blog of yours. I was thrilled to read this entry since you seldom write in your Tumblr account, more of photo posts, so yeah. And I was actually surprised with your excellent writing skills but, I figured, I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Ha-ha. 😉

    Still can’t get over your JEJEJE, though.

  2. mark

    love your blog…as if I’ve been to those places too…but i love your replies even more…very personal and reflects more of the real you…will read more…

  3. I was surfing the net and bumped into this.. Didn’t know that you travel a lot.. I mean A LOT.. this is sooo nice jake.. Im starting to like and appreciate everything you do through this.. and swear you party a lot too.. NICE..

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